Saturday 3 September 2016

Welcome Note

This blog is about stimulating empowerment and inspirational activities, through sharing of knowledge relating to entrepreneurship, training, creativity and sharing of basic information and life skills.

It is hoped that all those who aspire, can learn and share one thing or the other from this blog.
In this age, where there are apparently no more 'jobs for life', where redundancies are realities, and where some traditional skills have become obsolete; one might be wise to consider and explore self employment.

Some have skills and aptitude, but little other resources and opportunities to drive these through.

Some have loads of money and power, but lack using such optimally to benefit society.

It is hoped that this blog will stimulate thought processes and bring out the best in all concerned.

We aim to be down to earth and use as little jargon as possible.

It is hoped that irrespective of your challenges, be it, lack of qualification, loss of job, health challenges, etc; as we travail this journey, we aim to bring out the best in us.

You are welcome on board.

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